About Our Reserch

How to help

For those who wish to help us with our research, we ask that you clearly indicate your consent to participate by signing the Consent Form. Of course, participation in our research is entirely the choice of patients and/or their guardians. Those who do not wish to participate in our study will not be disadvantaged in any way, and those who agree to participate are free to change their mind later, with no penalty or further obligation.

What kind of examination is it?

The examination is very simple, and is similar to a blood test. A small sample of blood (2 to 3 ml) is collected. After the DNA is extracted from the sample, our research institute carefully analyzes the genetic information that is believed to be related to Kawasaki disease.

All research is anonymous

BearAll blood samples and examination data remain anonymous, i.e., the names and addresses of the people examined are erased. Even the researchers themselves cannot trace any given sample to the person who provided it. For this reason, we are not able to provide participants with specific information about their blood samples. Please accept our apologies for this in advance.
The findings of this research will be presented at academic conferences and published in academic journals, but the personal information of those who participated in these studies will be kept completely private.

If our research is successful, what will we discover?

We will locate the genes that play an important role in the development and worsening of Kawasaki disease, and thereby better understand the mechanism of the disease. It may then be possible to make further progress in determining the exact causes of the disease.
Also, the ability to immediately obtaining the genetic profile of patients with Kawasaki disease could help their doctor select the most effective course of treatment. It might even lead to the development of new, more effective, treatment options.